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You know, with even high schools on the net now, wouldn't it be cool if students compiled a secret mailing list/FAQ to recommend which teachers to take?

Presenting excerpts from the Lowell High School Teacher FAQ! We accept submissions and updates! Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead is purely coincidental.


Often said of her, "she's hard but good." Average level of class participation. Highly sought after by academics.

Annoying trait: Doesn't like ripped notebook paper.
Recommendation: Take, if you'd rather learn than get good grades.



Bland, humorless, and authoritarian. Many assignments bizarre and pointless. Professional to the extreme--you'll never see him in anything but a suit, and you'll never see him smile. High rate of essay exams.

Annoying trait: Locking you out if you're late.
Recommendation: Avoid at all costs!



One of the most popular. Easygoing and pleasant manner. High level of participation. Most of his sections will fill early. Applied Econ particularly fun.

Annoying trait: Resemblance to Woody Allen.
Recommendation: Take!



Pleasant Grandfatherly style. Very high rate of participation. Well-respected, but not particularly sought. Exams a mixture of m/c, filling, short answer, etc.

Annoying trait: Calls on you when you don't know answer and are trying to avoid eye contact.
Recommendation: Take, if no choice.



Bland style and boring lectures. Not exactly a master on the hipness scale. Personality will put you to sleep. Voted most likely to be killed by Quarry.

Annoying trait: Fingers too big for calculator.
Recommendation: Avoid!


Physical Education.

As with all female PE teachers, has a high tendency to assign things like square dancing and tumbling. Ugh.

Annoying trait: Doesn't teach actual =sports=.
Recommendation: Strong avoid.


Biology/Field Studies.

Decent teacher with a laid-back style. Classes are very hands-on. Often, grades based on results rather than exams.

Annoying trait: Looks like a witch.
Recommendation: Lukewarm take.



Bleagh. Another of the Nerdsters. Voted most likely to be the subject of a Far Side Cartoon.

Annoying trait: Doesn't own a mirror.
Recommendation: Avoid, unless you don't own a mirror.