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Top Ten Reasons to See a Film at the Great Star Theater in San Francisco's Chinatown

Blast San Francisco Bureau

10. Building a potential goldmine for seismologists after the Big One

9. Regular theater trash: popcorn containers and soft-drink cups
Chinese theater trash: restaurant styrofoam containers and VitaSoy

8. Marlboro endorsement deal for ticket-taker

7. No shirt, no socks, no problem!

6. Old geezers who can't afford apartments can buy ticket, stay all day

5. Young punks who can't afford bowling alleys can buy ticket, stay all day

4. Vague stench of decay keeps olfactory nerves in tip-top working order

3. Filmgoer's unique ability to snore and laugh at the same time

2. Two words: seat grease

and the number one reason to see a film at the Great Star theater:

1. Highest concentration of freaks per capita in San Francisco (who are responsible for items 2-10.)