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Chicken Soup Recipe for the Soul
This job sucks; time to feed some good work advice

Blast New York Bureau

There are several reasons God made Jewish mothers, and the turmoil we've had with the weather this winter in New York -- one day, it's 60 degrees, the next, you're scraping ice off your windshields -- is one of 'em.

This Jewish mom has been cooking of vats of chicken soup, working overtime to battle all the strep, upper respiratory infections, colds, viruses and mono that's been going around as a result. It's a constant struggle to keep up and I've almost worn out my soup pots!

But you too can be a Jewish mom, at least in the kitchen. Here's the JMNY's recipe for the next best thing to antibiotics (and if you haven't got a prescription plan, it's a heckuva lot cheaper!).

Take one whole chicken, including the neck and gizzards, cut in quarters and place it in a large soup pot. Cover with cold water, throw in a handful of kosher salt and set on medium heat. Skim off the foam that accumulates once the water starts to boil. Once you're done skimming, let water come to a boil, and then turn heat down to low. Add a couple of shakes of black pepper, a pound of peeled carrots, cut into chunks; a bunch of dill; six or seven stalks of celery with the leaves still attached at the top; and two large onions, cut in half.

Partially cover the pot with a lid, so the smell can waft through the house and make everybody drool. Simmer for a couple of hours, till all the veggies are soft. Remove the chicken, the dill, the onions and the celery. Meanwhile, boil up a pound or so of small-size pasta: Alphabets are best, but you can use orzo, stars or fine egg noodles. Drain the pasta when done, rinsing with cold water. Place pasta in soup dishes and ladle soup and carrots over it.

It's a miracle drug, and even if you're not sick, you'll feel better once you eat this!

Now, on to your fersluggener questions:

Dear JMNY:
I'm livid. The Academy Awards were just announced, and "The Thin Red Line" -- possibly the worst movie of all time! -- was nominated for Best Picture! Bill Murray's work in "Rushmore" went unrecognized! I'm livid!!!
In a Snit

Dear Snitty:
Uh. ... I know I haven't been to the gym for a while, but I think you mistook me for Roger Ebert.

Dear JMNY:
I just started a new job and I hate it. I really miss my old job, where I could make lots of phone calls, chat with my friends while we had coffee, take nice, long lunches and wrap things up at 5 pm . My new bosses said no personal calls. It's work, work, work from the time we start 'til the end of the day -- which isn't at 5! They work me so hard, I don't even have time to look for another job! I want my old job back! I only left because I felt like I was going nowhere.
Gimme a Break

Dear Broke:
What? You WANT to be a bum all your life? Obviously, you didn't know how good you had it on your previous job, which means you're lazy AND stupid. Actually, though, your current position could be the best thing that's ever happened to you. And you're right about one thing -- you weren't going to go anywhere on that old job and with that old work ethic. Try to grow up and be a mensch, OK? Dear JMNY:
I don't know what to do. I had a big argument with my boss today because he won't promote my friend to an assistant manager opening we have at the store. She's a really good worker and she has seniority, but for some reason, the boss doesn't like her. To make matters worse, he gave the promotion to this guy who makes my skin crawl. He's got such a bad attitude, he's been written up for it. Not only am I ticked off about my friend not getting the job, I don't want to work with the person who did get it. I can't take it. I'm going to quit.
Loyal to a Fault

Dear Fault:
Well, you sound very loyal, but what will your quitting accomplish here? Maybe you won't have the unfairness of this situation right in your face, but it will still exist. You sound intelligent and your boss sounds like a yutz -- a perfect opportunity and a good place to be when the powers that be recognize just how big a yutz your boss is. Your coworkers will need you to help put the pieces back together when your incompetent boss gets canned. Zip your lip, make sure the higher ups know what's going on and try a little patience.