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Top 55 Ways You Know Japan Has Influenced You

Blast San Francisco Bureau

1. You pay $1 for a can of soda and don't think twice.

2. You buy an apple at the grocery store for $5 and ask the clerk if you were undercharged.

3. You see an aquarium and think, "Oh, HDTV!"

4. Instead of the typical $20 you have in your wallet, you stuff your wallet full of $100 bills.

5. When people blow their nose in public, you think it's incredibly rude.

6. You pick up the phone and say "moshi moshi!"

7. You go back to your 200 square-foot apartment and are amazed at how much space you have.

8. You check into a Motel 6 and wonder how to insert money into the television.

9. You buy a MiniDisc player.

10. You go to Bally's in Las Vegas and demand the slot machines be replaced with pachinko machines.

11. Mariah Carey? Shyeah, right! Your favorite singer is Namie Amuro.

12. Cartoons are suddenly hip again.

13. When you feel tired, you take some Hello Kitty caffeine pills.

14. You wonder where all the godddamn vending machines are.

15. You pay $15.99 for a CD and think it's incredibly cheap.

16. You bow whenever you say "Thank You."

17. After working out at the gym, what do you drink? Gatorade? No, Pocari Sweat, of course!

18. After waiting at the train station for 30 seconds, you wonder why the next train hasn't come yet.

19. Favorite music group? It's GOTTA be the Carpenters.

20. When you reach an intersection, you turn off your car's headlights.

21. After eating a meal in a restaurant, you don't give a tip.

22. You give away your bed and buy a tatami.

23. If you're a teenager, you're hair is blond.

24. If you have a cold, you wear a mask over your mouth.

25. You go to 7-11 with the intention of buying octopus and squid.

26. You're willing to pay $70 to see Cibo Matto.

27. You go to a Major League Baseball game and wonder why everyone's so quiet.

28. You are shocked when people don't take off their shoes before entering your house.

29. You jog in the park at 3 a.m. without fear.

30. When you get on the bus, you wonder where the television is.

31. When you get in your car to drive to work, you get in the passenger side.

32. You drive on the left side of the road.

33. You no longer think Chinese food is cheap.

34. After you take a shower, you wonder where the bath tub is.

35. When you see Sylvester Stallone, you think of ham.

36. You gladly pay $40 for a haircut.

37. You go to McDonalds and order a Teriyaki burger.

38. Everytime you eat at a restaurant, you expect to be given a wet towel to wipe your hands and face.

39. You slurp loudly when you eat noodles.

40. You're used to paying the same for lunch as the cost of leather shoes.

41. Wanting to make a reservation before seeing a movie.

42. You want to plug in your ISDN modem into the public phone.

43. You think that the likelihood of you being robbed is the same as pigs flying.

44. You suddenly enjoy giving lots of gifts.

45. When your mom asks you to buy some fruit, you take out a loan.

46. If you're male, you go to a urinal, do your business and walk away, fully expecting the urinal to flush itself.

47. When you want to wash your hands, you just stick them under a faucet.

48. You see someone with a tattoo and run away.

49. You're suddenly a fan of Hideo Nomo.

50. You add "chan" to everyone's name. (i.e. Pete-chan)

51. California rolls? What the heck are California rolls?

52. You apologize for mistakes you make -- or didn't make!

53. You wonder why your pizza isn't covered in corn.

54. You prefer to read magazines from back to front.

55. You compile silly lists like this one.

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