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The more you give, the less i take.
The more you hurt me, the worse i feel.
How do i know love is real?
Your life is like a sparkling brook,
i reeled you in your love i took.

I spared my love, as you spared yours,
like birds fly, above the shores.
As time stands still, and fights start,
what would happen if love fell apart?
Honesty is everything,and so is this love.
My life stopped when you were called from up above.
My clock stopped ticking, my side torn apart.
You shouldn't have left me, it's all your fault.

A promise is a promise, and that you kept.
Then you left me, i sat and wept.
I love you a lot, and so much more,
I can't help but wonder and walk the floor.
I am so sorry for that awful night,
we were arguing and had a fight.

The telephone rang, i picked it up,
next thing i knew you wrecked your truck.
They said you hit a car, on that rainy day,
they said it was bad, and you passed away.
Now it's all over, i've said my last,
for all i have now, is the past....