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Poetry: Songs and Sonnets


Hopper and Basil

Hopper's snowy belly flows
along the lining in your coat;
Basil's blue eyes burning brightly,
happy rumblings in his throat;
tiny tygers twisting turning
to a tune you cannot hear,
expectation, adoration,
exclamations of their cheer

An Odious Ode

I find you in the deli case, my dear,
A jellied loaf or sausage made of feet.
I wonder how well you'd go with my beer?
But oh, am I deserving of this treat?

On crackers, bread, in salad, or in soup,
Perhaps an omelet or a casserole.
What is the best way to serve up this goop?
A sandwich with toe jam is what I'm told.

With that in mind I'd like you all to know
This is a serious matter of the heart--
The head, the tongue of various pigs or so,
And other things that they can pick apart.

Sonnet for Craig (The Dumped) 1

Thou also know'st it as the "friendship talk"
As much as thou wouldst hate to believe it.
Upon this subject I do not thee mock:
Alas! bear with me and my twisted wit.
O'er dinner Friday thy fair maiden dumped 5
Thee; when a margarita thou didst want,
The waiter made thee feel that thou were chumped,
And then his gaiety to thee did flaunt.
'Twas better then, than later, o'er the phone
To bear the burden of this unfair fate. 10
'Tis better, Craig, for thee to be alone
Than be involved with a reluctant mate.
And so when next a woman thine ear bends,
Beware the ominous words, "Let's just be friends."