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My eyes open to a sudden intolerable sound and I see the sun in my sight.
My body's at peace and completely relaxed
But something is wrong, something just isn't right.
And then it strikes me with utter disgust
that I have school today
and yes, attend I must.

Morning it is, and to school I must go
I long for the place I was in
just a few hours ago.
A place where you could be anything you desire
You could fly like the wind or blaze like the fire.
Be a mobster with money and corruption
take part in an alien abduction
Save a princess from the dragon that attacked her
Ride the back of a velociraptor
Fly with a bald eagle from San Francisco California to Asia
Yes live, in my sweet Fantasia.

Now my eyes see the world of reality
Flying is prohibited by the law of gravity
Back to the world of chaos and confusion
But I am far from sad,
because tonight, I will return to my midnight illusion.