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Rants and Riffs [ more stories ]

Hermann Hates CAFFEINE
By Andrew Hermann

"I used to be a morning person. I used to be one of those insufferable people who could bound out of bed at the alarm clock's first beeping, cook myself an omelette as I checked the box scores, shower, throw clothes on with blinding speed, and be out the door with a spring in my step and a song in my heart."

Bay Area Transplant Ready to Escape The Boston Freak Party
By Leo Kay

"Ah, New England. Fall colors, Red Sox baseball and Maine lobsters. How quaint, you might say. But there's another side of New England not mentioned in the travel brochures and tourist information. A New England teeming with crappy weather, and pasty, overweight people who talk funny and drive even worse."

Tips on Buying and Maintaining a Car
The column for the unhip Asian geek
By ÜberAsian

"Dear ÜberAsian: As an Asian car buyer what are my options? I was thinking about buying a Chevy Camaro or Plymouth. Will my Asian friends laugh at me?"

Keanu Reeves must die... or at least keep showing up in decent films
By Jason Lloren

"I recently watched Keanu Reeves amble and emote his way through his latest flick "Devil's Advocate" and wondered to myself: How does he continue to find work in Hollywood? His looks perhaps? Sure he's good looking but come on. He got a crooked block head and what the hell is he anyway? Hawaiian, white, pale Filipino? I can never figure it out."

Film Review: It's no fun being an "Alien"
By Jason Lloren

"The bitch is back! Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley to square off against the mother of all movie monsters in modern film -- the creepy, crawling, slimy, toothy Alien."

Film Review: Starship Troopers
By Jason Lloren

"'Starship Troopers' is an exciting warp-speed rollercoaster ride of fancy F/X and slimy alien bugs that never lets up. It explodes onscreen with action and has a slight satiric bite that makes the film even more fun. It's also the stupidest movie I've seen in a long time."

Film Review: Boogie Nights
By Andrew Hermann

"Unless you live in a biodome, you've probably already heard at least one of two things about the film "Boogie Nights": 1) Gushing raves from critics in all corners. 2) Much rumor and innuendo about Mark Wahlberg's penis. Let's the set the record straight on both counts.

San Francisco Giants' season a surprise to 'Free Agent Fan'
By Matt Johanson

"Not only did the Giants' first-place finish in 1997 shell-shock the hated Los Angeles Dodgers and induce a rare outbreak of baseball fever in Northern California, it also delivered a healthy dose of poetic justice to the "Free Agent Fan" who abandoned the team last winter.

Not Your Ordinary Sleepover
A Night at Castle Dracula
By Matt Johanson

"Howling wolves, screeching bats and the anxiety of being Dracula's houseguest should have kept him awake, but Vincent Hillyer was sleepy. He'd climbed 1,531 stairs to reach Castle Dracula, then drank a bottle of wine to celebrate the occasion. It hadn't been easy, but Hillyer had convinced the Romanian government to permit him an overnight stay in the ancient fortress, the first in centuries.

Passport [ more stories ]

Diary from Japan:
Tom and Noriko land on Okinawa; while Actor Gene Hackman Gives Mom's Friend a Free Painting  
By Tom Diederich

"'September has always been a time of travel for my wife Noriko and I. This year we visited Okinawa, Japan's southernmost prefecture -- and the site of the largest ever air, sea and land battle.

Ink [ more stories ]

From C to Shining C
By Barb Natividad

"Gigi Mariano hated practicing the piano. She hated piano lessons even more. She still remembered that Saturday the topic of piano lessons first came up. It was during lunch."

The Wall
By Joy Reid

"'You know what I think of this fool's errand,' John repeated for the fifth time that morning. 'Indeed I do,' Cameron replied, yanking fiercely at a leather strap. 'S'blood! why could his father not accept his decision? Why must he stand about bleating like an old she-goat?'"

An Untitled Poem
By Barb Natividad

Nigiri Nirvana [ more stories ]

Sushi Reviews: Seeking Sushi Bliss in Berkeley, Boston, Seattle and San Francisco  
By Siri Sosothikul and Wylie Wong

"Don't judge a book by its cover and never evaluate a sushi place by its decor. Passersby often mistake Berkeley's Party Sushi for a pub with its neon lights and dark interior. The frog and deer-shaped plastic balloons dangling from the ceiling and the ceramic masks popping out of the walls don't make it any easier for you to recognize the funky place as a sushi restaurant."

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