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Blast Submission Guidelines

Submissions can be any length. Fiction that is novel-length will be serialized. You may also submit accompanying artwork provided that it is your own work.

All copy should be in "ready-to-print" condition - no rough drafts, etc.

We have the right to edit for clarity and correct grammatical and spelling errors.

We have the right to write headlines for copy with the exception of fiction and poetry.

If you are submitting previously copyrighted or printed material, please inform us in advance.

Please include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address for our records. Your e-mail address will be a link on the site; no other information will be released to any party.

Blast currently does not compensate for submissions. In the instance that a third party is interested in publishing work found in Blast, the Blast editorial staff will notify the author. It is the responsibility of the author to negotiate with the third party.